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Reinvent Your Community:
Discover the Rewards of Being a Community Television Member


Experience the Power of Free Speech

Self expression is a constitutional right.  At PCTV you are encouraged to express your political and community views. PCTV serves free speech without bias and works to get your voice out to the largest audience possible. 


Pittsburgh's North Shore is the Next Up and Coming Neighborhood

PCTV is located just off the West End Bridge. You can have easy access to our facility through public tranportation using the North Shore connector which brings you to our door. We also have plenty of free parking.


World Class Staff at the Finest Facilities

PCTV now has some of the most modern broadcast equipment available to our producers.  Our professional staff is profoundly experienced in broadcast television. They work to make you look good so we look good.


Web Presence and Social Media

PCTV has online on-demand program capacity and our broadcast channel streams live 24 hours a day on the web. PCTV invites you to take advantage of this technology. 


Earn Your Chops

Many people in the entertainment and television industry have got their start at public access centers.  Whether in front of the camera or behind it PCTV can provide you with the experience needed to develop a marketable skill. 

Let's Get Started

Are you an Allegheny County Resident?

Do you work with or for a non-profit in Allegheny?

Do you live in the a county that surrounds Allegheny County?

If yes to the above, you're eligible to become a PCTV Member!

Call 412-322-7570 
and find out how to become a community producer

Become a Member
Once you are enrolled as a Member

You’re entitled to begin reserving studio time for a production.  You can also submit programming for air on PCTV. Check out the relevant forms below and submit them as needed before you begin producing.


To utilize equipment and facilities other than our studio, you need to take our optional classes and be certified.  These classes including Intro to Adobe Premiere (editing),  Electronic  Field Production (portable cameras).


If you’re just producing in the studio, you can take our studio production class to get a better understanding of how producing in the studio works.

Do you have to be a Member to take a class or workshop?

 Intro to Adobe Premiere,  Electronic Field Production,  are available to any member of the general public for a higher fee.

Have more questions?  Call us at 412-322-7570 or sign up for an orientation

Member Forms
Member Forms 

Here are all the forms you need to produce and submit your shows at Pittsburgh Community Television.  

If you need assistance with any of the following forms, call the station during normal business hours at (412) 322-7570. 


You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the following forms. 

These forms are for PRINT ONLY. 

Pre-Production Form

ALL studio productions require the completion of a PRE-PRODUCTION FORM at least 48 hrs prior to your reserved time. If you have not completed the Pre-Production Form, PCTV reserves the right to LIMIT your production needs or CANCEL your reservation. There are no exceptions.

Tape Roll Form

All producers planning to run video clips/files should complete this form. It should be turned in with your Pre-Production form, or enough time prior to your production to allow staff to review and time your clips.

Program Participant Release Form

It is advised that you get permission from all persons participating in you production. This form is a standard Release Form. Any specifics such as Program Title or Producer name will need to be added to personalize this form. This form is only to be used for programming made for cablecast on PCTV21.

Tech Specs to Submit Programming

Producers who submit programming must meet PCTV broadcast specifications. 

Program Submission Form

Required for all programs submitted to air on PCTV

Parental Consent Form

Any person using the PCTV channel, equipment, or facilities must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the city of Pittsburgh. If you are under the age of 18 you will need parental consent to become a producer or volunteer. This form can also be used along with the Program Participant Release Form for minors who participate in any productions taped for PCTV cablecast purposes.

Fee Waiver Policy

2014 Fee Waiver Policy

Per Use Fee Waiver Application

Per use fee waiver application

Non Profit Organization Form

If you are not a city resident, and/or you represent a Non-Profit Organization based in the city, this form must be completed and permission must be given by the non-profit agency to produce programming for said organization. program title and topic, and specific information pertaining to program content.

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