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PCTV is a media and education center giving voice to Pittsburgh’s diverse communities.

Empower, Educate, and Enhance through Media



















“The thing I like the most about PCTV is when you have somebody coming to the studio who all they did was watch TV had no interaction with it whatsoever and they're afraid and kind of scared to touch the equipment. Not sure what they want to do. See that person go from being at that point to that light bulb going off. They get it, they understand how to use it, and they use it and create, and then they start to fly.”

                                                                                    -- Gladys Jelks, Programming Director


When “Cindy” (not her real name) first came to PCTV, she literally couldn’t lift her head up.  Her involvement at PCTV changed all that, giving her the confidence to hold her head high and look in the camera.  Today she cohosts a regular TV show on PCTV.



“PCTV was instrumental in my career. It gave me a chance to meet many fellow film and video makers and exercise my creative muscle for little to no money. I got to shoot, edit, and experiment. Eventually, I made my own feature-length movie shot, in part on PCTV equipment.”


                                                                       -- Ben Ramsey, Hollywood Producer and Screenwriter

 “This station, the gem of our city and region, can take you anywhere you want to go.”


                                                                         -- Latara Jones, Community Producer


Over many years and continuing until today, Allegheny County residents have received top-notch media training and experience that has allowed them to forge careers in media and entertainment in Pittsburgh and beyond.  From Hollywood screenwriter and producer Ben Ramsey, to journalist Alexis Johnson, and to WTAE-TV’s Colin Wiles, countless community producers, interns, and volunteers have gotten their start at PCTV.



“PCTV is one of the few places left where you can make your voice heard.”


                                                                            -- Luther Dupree, Community Producer

“With PCTV, I’m in complete control of the message.”


                                                                            -- Ron Bandes, Community Producer

Lueana Coward has lost all three of her sons to gun violence.  Lueana produces “The R.E.L.I.E.F. Talk Show” at PCTV, providing support to other mothers who have lost children to gun violence.  Ms. Coward is in complete control of her message as she makes her voice heard, providing a platform for mothers successfully working through grief to live again.


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