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PCTV is changing – Rev Up Orientation Boot Camp schedule coming soon

What is Rev Up Orientation Boot Camp?


Orientation is the process of introducing new members to their responsibilities, options, Pctv team and facility. An effective orientation training helps people feel more comfortable within their new roles as PCTV members,  our team and departments, while also making them aware of PCTV expectations and policies. Orientation allows new members to ask questions or address any concerns. It also is intended to help them feel more comfortable as PCTv members.

Orientation is important because it ensures that PCTV  now has a streamlined, systematic approach to communicating responsibilities and expectations to a new members, creating a smoother transition into their becoming community producers .

An effective orientation ensures that all new PCTV members are given the same information and receive the same training. This increases the likelihood that all-important information is conveyed upfront.


Orientation can also:

Lower costs: Helping members become acclimated to their roles more quickly means they can become productive in completing their tasks more quickly, which means less overtime for re-teaching or extra classes which lowers costs.

Increase member's confidence: New members will gain confidence rapidly because they understand the PCTV’s expectations, systems and people early on.

Improve performance: An orientation can help members develop relationships and build key skills rapidly, which can improve their overall performance, and tv productions.


Rev UP

Rev ups are highly specific and focused programs curated to provide a no-nonsense learning approach to professionals looking to skill-up without investing too much time. PCTv is now requiring new members to commit (3) days once within a month of sign-up to learn the basic skills required to complete a production at our facility.