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PCTV – PCTV at 30 has upgraded facilities, equipment and a quirky range of programming

April 2016

By Maria Sciullo / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Wayne’s World” isn’t found in the Pittsburgh Community Television lineup, but the classic “Saturday Night Live” sketch would be welcome nonetheless.

Where but PCTV21 can you see an hour of serious political discourse, a half-hour of “UFOs Over Pittsburgh” or an all-girl robotics team display their latest creation at the annual Maker Faire Pittsburgh?

“PCTV is, unfortunately, a well-kept secret, and we are trying to change that,” said John Patterson, station director. “We think it is one of those undiscovered gems of Pittsburgh that people don’t know a lot about.”

PCTV – Pittsburgh’s Newly Renovated, High-Tech Soapbox

September 2015


We’ve all heard the saying “use it or lose it.” It’s most often applied to physical health and exercise, but that saying is also apt when it comes to a community’s health and the exercising of rights — particularly the right to free speech. Pittsburgh Community Television’s mission is to encourage the residents of the city of Pittsburgh and local nonprofit organizations to exercise their right to free speech, to get on their soapboxes so to speak, by providing the community with the training, tools, and platform to produce and broadcast their own television programs.

Manchester television station continues tradition of quality programming

Erika Fleegle July 2015


In today’s age of modern media complete with streaming services and apps immediately delivering daily news to whatever screen we choose  it could be argued that public access television is going out of style.

Pittsburgh Community Television (PCTV) in Manchester is proving that argument wrong.

Following the FCC’s deregulation of media ownership in the early 1980s, Pittsburgh’s local access television station was collectively broadcasted from five separate stations. Today, those five stations have consolidated in to its current location on Western Avenue; the home of PCTV. Recently, the station’s space has undergone major renovations, making for more professional, diverse programming.

“In the beginning, there was a lot of grassroots political activism,”  Director of Community Relations and Productions Carl Cimini said of the early days of the station. “Over the years, it evolved and changed into a broader audience and a broader group of producers.”

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