Online Orientation

Welcome to PCTV's online orientation. 

To become a community producer you need to complete the following 3 steps:

1. Download and read the Community Producer Handbook. 

2. Answer the online Community Producer Test Questions

3. Read and Agree to PCTV's Statement of Compliance


Upon completion of the questionnaire, within one week you will be sent a pass or fail grade along with a secure password with instructions to make your payment.  You can then enter your payment for the type of membership you would like.   If you have any question please call 412-322-7570


Download The Producer Handbook Here

Community Producer Test Questionaire

I have read the handbook completely
Who is responsible for content in community producer programming?
Does my membership include workshop fees?
Is nudity or pornography permitted on PCTV
Can I advertise and sell my products on my show?
Can I represent PCTV in any manner?
Must you be and Allegheny County Resident to be a Community Producer?
If you check out PCTV equipment and return it damaged who is responsible for paying for the repair or replacement?
Should people who appear on camera sign a release
Can I produce programming without signing the Certificate of Compliance?
Can PCTV equipment be used to by community producers to make money?




1. I have read and am thoroughly familiar with the contents of the Pittsburgh Community Television (PCTV) Rules of Operation. I understand that PCTV reserves the right to suspend or revoke the privilege of any user/Producer from utilizing the PCTV channel, equipment or facilities if that user is in violation of any of the rules stated in the PCTV Rules of Operation.


2. I will thoroughly familiarize myself with the contents of any program material I intend to tape and/or cablecast and agree that it will not contain any of the following: a. obscene material b. lottery programming or lottery information c. advertising d. promotional material concerning products or services presented for the purpose of any solicitation of money or other items of value e. political endorsements f. material which constitutes libel, slander, invasion of privacy or public rights, unfair competition, violation of trademark or copyright, or which might violate any local, state or federal law.


3. I assume full responsibility for the content of all program material I produce and cablecast and will ensure that such program material will not violate any right(s) of any third party.


4. I agree that I shall not represent myself or any other person involved in PCTV cablecasting or production as an employee, representative or agent of PCTV, and I will not use my PCTV ID/Enrollment Card as a “press-pass”.


5. I have obtained, or before any program material is cablecast I will obtain all approvals, clearances, licenses, etc. for the use of any program material which I use for broadcast including (but not limited to) approvals by broadcast stations, networks, underwriters, performers’ representatives, copyright owners, organizations, all persons appearing in or referred to in the program, and any other approvals that may be necessary to transmit program material over the cable channel 21, COMCAST and Verizon systems.


6. I indemnify and hold harmless PCTV and its employees, the City of Pittsburgh and its employees, COMCAST and its employees and Verizon and its employees against any claims arising out of any of the program material that I produce(d) and cablecast, or any breach of this Statement of Compliance including (but not limited to) any claims in the nature of libel, slander, invasion of privacy or publicity rights, non-compliance with applicable laws and unauthorized use of copyrighted material. I understand that I may be criminally or civilly liable for performing or producing such material which is cablecast.


7. I agree to pay the cost(s) of any repair(s) or replacement of equipment or materials resulting from damage, misuse or theft while such equipment or materials are in my possession or control. I understand the penalties that apply if I do not return equipment or materials on time, or if I allow someone who is not authorized by PCTV to use the equipment or materials.


8. I shall not use the PCTV channel, equipment or facilities for any personal gain or other commercial purpose. I understand that the programming produced with PCTV equipment or facilities MUST appear on the PCTV cable channel prior to airing elsewhere.


9. I hereby grant my permission to PCTV to play, without restriction, any and all videotapes that I submit for cablecasting. I may revoke this authorization only by giving written notice thereof to the Executive Director of PCTV.


10. I understand that false or misleading information given in this statement are grounds for forfeiture of the right to use the PCTV channel, equipment and facilities.

By selecting yes I acknowledge that I have read and understand all of the information contained in this Agreement

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