Become a community producer


How to Become a community producer at Pittsburgh Community Television. The staff has made it really quite simple and will assist you along the way. 

How to Begin

Are you an Allegheny County Resident?  Do you work with or for a non-profit in Allegheny?  Then you’re eligible to become a PCTV community producer in just three easy steps.


Step One:  Take our orientation. 


Step Two:  Pay your enrollment.  See Price List Here


Step Three:  Take our Producer Prep Workshop


That’s it!  Once you get to that point, you’re officially a PCTV producer. 


Once you are enrolled as a Community Producer.

You’re entitled to begin reserving studio time for a production.  You can also submit programming for air on PCTV.


To utilize equipment and facilities other than our studio, you need to take our optional classes and be certified.  These classes including Intro to Final Cut Pro X (editing) and Electronic  Field Production (portable cameras).


If you’re just producing in the studio, you can take our studio production class to get a better understanding of how producing in the studio works.


Do you have to be a community producer to take a class or workshop?

No!  Intro to Final Cut Pro X, Electronic Field Production, and Studio Production are available to any member of the general public for a higher fee.

Have more questions?  Call us at 412-322-7570 or sign up for an orientation

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